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Dress Code Wedding Day (Saturday): long colorful dresses

Dress Code Welcome Cocktail (Friday

The Ladies:
Casual Chic

The Men:
White linen shirt + Beige chinos (pantalones khaki)

Dress Code Wedding Day (Saturday

The Ladies:
Long colorful dress
. For your own safety: no stilettos (apparently there's some sand on the beach...) so either flats, wedges, or block heels are a better choice

The Men:
Summer suit with white shirt - No tie!

Some inspiration below...

Dress Code The After-Beach (Sunday

Beach clothes! Swim shorts, bikini, bathing suit: Come as you please, whatever works to make the hangover bearable

Note for my Belgian friends (yes also for you, Manu):
See below the only exception to the "come as you please rule"


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